About the Deanship

About the Deanship: 

The deanship of student affairs was first established at the beginning of the academic year 1991-1992 in order to fully supervise the affairs of students during their university studies.

خطأ في الترجمةIt is a group of units that deal with student affairs. And provide them with services that will create an appropriate academic atmosphere. It offers a number of programs and various activities aimed at activating the students' culture and expanding their perceptions. It also help them to collect useful knowledge and experiences and to return to social participation, and to confirm their belonging to their nation and their countryAnd gives them the opportunity to engage in activities compatible with their tendencies and talents.

The philosophy of the Deanship of Student Affairs is to take care of students from all aspects and follow up on the services they need and help them overcome the problems they face.
It also aims at creating an atmosphere of mutual trust between the students and the university administration, since the Deanship of Student Affairs is a link between them. It also strives to achieve communication among students and to develop team spirit, unity and teamwork. And to provide the necessary facilities to achieve the life of students integrated and always seeks through the Department of activities to develop and renew the quality of activities to keep pace with what is happening in the fields of culture and creativity of the development and diversity in the fields of cultural and artistic and sports supervised by a group of qualified.
The Deanship also provides its services through communicating with the students and their families in providing appropriate housing and providing guidancePsychological, social and health care and health insurance.

This is in addition to sponsoring graduates by providing a mechanism for communication with them, providing the special premises for the graduates club, the follow-up office for graduates, and a special office to follow up the affairs of foreign students. The Deanship includes the office of the King Abdullah II Fund for Guidance and Vocational Rehabilitation. The Deanship is keen to interact with many leading institutions in the fields of youth development Such as the Prince Hassan Prize and the Supreme Council for Youth.