Student's Activities

Department of student's activities

Division of sports activity:


-Organizing the internal and external sports tournaments of different disciplines.
-Performing various sports activities, which are suited to the students' needs and tendencies
-Provide the opportunity for the largest number of students and staff at the university (faculty members and employees) to practice various sports activities.
-To instill and consolidate the correct concepts of physical education and awareness of the importance of sports activity.
-Spreading awareness and useful sports culture among students.
-Raising the level of the technical performance of the teams of the university sports through the stadiums and the interior.
-Set up various sports camps.

Artistical Activity Division:

-Providing students with the opportunity to practice their hobbies and artistic creations, develop them, and refine them.
-Nurturing talented people, and developing their skills in creative artistic fields of poetry, music and theater.
-Create technical teams within the university.
-Participation in artistic festivals.
-Participate in various art competitions.
-Holding various artistic courses in singing, playing, dabke, painting and theater

Division of cultural and social activity:


-Raising the level of awareness among students, and work to refine and develop the personality of the university student.
-Engage the concept of public service and community service for students through workshops, seminars and volunteer initiatives.
-Supervising various cultural and social activities.
-Encourage students to participate in the activities of the department and to indicate the importance of participation in the service of society and the homeland