Student's Services

Department of student's service

The Student Services Department undertakes the following tasks to serve the students, as follows:
-To monitor the quality of the services of interest to the students and to make periodic reports on the facilities that provide food and drink to the students to ensure that they meet the public health and safety standards.


-To receive complaints from students, to deal with differences among themselves, or to transfer these complaints, in addition to the work of exploratory tours within the university, to identify potential foci of the differences and work to deal with them before they occur.
-Issuing certificates of good conduct and acquittal, in accordance with the instructions of the Deanship and the University.
-Handing over the lost items, announcing them, and handing them over to their owners.
-Communicate with parents in the event of academic or behavioral violations in the student.
-Supervising the organization of student trips and follow-up as required.
-Participation in the graduation ceremony and all the activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs.
-Follow-up and completion of all matters relating to the affairs of foreign students.
-Issuing new student cards.