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دائرة القبول و التسجيل
Admission & Registration

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 00:00

About the Department

The Department was established in 1991-in concurrence with establishment of the university and since then the department was committed to communicating and cooperating with all the faculties of the university and its academic and administrative departments. The Department also decided to develop performance though various modern technology means in order to attain excellence and pioneering.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1- Admitting new students, bridging students and transferred students in accordance with the foundation and instruction of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research

2- completing students’ registration procedures at the beginning of every semester.

3- Monitoring students grades manually and electronically once they are checked.

4- Issuing grade manuscripts, graduate certificates and all student-related documents meticulously.

5-Preparing statistics and various portfolios and presenting it to decision makers at the university

6- Preparing final exams and course schedules.

7- Monitoring and checked course plans and searching for amendments according to formalities.

8- Preparing university calendar and effectively assisting the annual graduation ceremony.

9- supervising implementation of the instructions of Bachelor and master degree awards in the university.


*Department’s philosophy

Dealing with students according to clear and concise criteria that stem from commitment to the university laws is an extremely important matter as the student is the center of the teaching process. It is important that students know that all administrative and academic staff are here to serve them so as to work on finding the problems they encounter and find solutions as easily as possible as required by the university president. Hence, the implementation of modern technology means in the administrative and academic aspects matches what students look up to and the work on building and refinement of student personality and to quality them to be a distinguished and productive individuals in the local, Arabic and international labor market

*Aspirations and future Ambitions for developing the performance in the department of admission and registration

The department endeavors in the continuing and keeping the speed of a achievement, precision and organization in working in working at high levels to accomplish various transactions using modern technology means. The Department will also endeavors to admit students online in accordance with the foundation of admission and registration and to work on qualifying its staff as well as developing their skills through different courses and workshops in order to keep the distinction in performance and keep up with every new.

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