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    Bases of Bridging


    FIRST: Community college diploma holders are acceptd at aminmum average of 68% in all programs, except for the faculties of pharmacy and engineering as they requier average of 70% and above regardless of their average in general secandary.


    SECOND: Direct admission to students with special needs who are successful in the comprehensive examination is allowed at a rate of no less than (65%) in the specializations corresponding to their specializations, provided that an internal medical committee is formed at the university and supervised by a doctor and one of its members is a member of the Supreme Council for Persons with Special Needs


    THIRD: Non jordanian students who are interested in bridging and they have got of community college diploma from outside jordan, Regardless of their level of submission to the university in the corresponding disciplines, provided that these certificates qualify them to continue their university education for the bachelor level in their countries.


    FOURTH: Allows for jordanian students who have got of community college diploma (comprehensive examination) from outside jordan In each specialization there is a peer in the university according to the lists of specializations that are approved for this purpose. In the absence of specialization within the lists of specializations, the University shall determine the corresponding specialization according to the subjects mentioned in the lists of mark.

    Fifth: The University shall equation the subjects studied by the students in the intermediate academic degree stage from inside and outside Jordan, provided that they do not exceed 50% of the approved bachelor's degree plan.

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