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    Faculty Members' Development Center

    Faculty Members' Development Center

    The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Isra University has been keen to adapt to and comply with the educational boost Jordan is witnessing amid the increasing importance attached to quality assurance of the educational process output. Therefore, a center concerned with the development of the Faculty members has been established. The units operating within the center are:


    · Measurement, evaluation and assessment Unit

    The objectives of the unit:

    - Providing information and data that the faculty members as well as the administrative staff can benefit from in improving their performance.

    - Investigating the students' results in the different courses at the different departments and faculties to provide recommendations that aim at achieving adequacy and objectivity

    - Investigating academic educational-related phenomena to provide the necessary relevant recommendations

    - Holding training courses, workshops and seminars on developing the examination system, analysis and assessment methodology

    - Holding training courses and workshops on research and statistics analysis methodology.

    - Providing services and tools for statistical analysis of examinations' results

    - Giving lectures and seminars on the objectives of the Unit


    · Advisory and Guidance Unit

    The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the university provides services of advisory and guidance to students in order to assist them in registering their courses and support them in facing and solving any academic or social problems.

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