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Health and Medical Center

Thursday, 19 November 2015 00:00

Health and Medical Center

the medical department was founded in concurrence with the establishment of the university Where it began to provide services to students and employees in the faculties of the University center, from the clinical examination of patients, treatment, dispensing medicine, sick leave in necessary cases and providing first aid to emergency situations including wounds and burns, fractures and other, as well as checking blood pressure, blood sugar and an ECG for an early discovery of heart disease and diabetes.

The Clinic has other services, including writing and following-up disbursing recipes to chronic diseases, to provide medical approvals from university accredited medical bodies, supervision of medical insurance in terms of receiving medical insurance claims and auditing them, follow-up and supervision on the university faculties clinic and intermediate university college, providing them with medicines and medical supplies, the establishment of free medical days in various parts of the Kingdom, as well as medical escort for the various activities of university.

Emanating from the university's keenness to provide full care and health for employees and students , its keenness and realization to the importance of the active role necessary played by health and medical care, which must be provided for the employee and for the students, whether on campus or outside, and to be reassured that healthcare is supported and included all the time and in any place, which extends a hand of help and the urgent assistant when needed within a medical network accredited from hospitals and specialist doctors.

To translate this into reality, the university has established a private department called health care department, and selected for this a private and distinctive place that includes all sections and rooms for medical treatment, rooms of observation for students and employees, including beds and medical devices, rooms of dressing and bandaging, rooms of reception and waiting that are spacious for patients and a modern pharmacy that contains a number of various medicines.

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