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Faculty of Educational Sciences

Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00

Childhood Education Department

This department which is an important branch of the faculty of education was instituted concurrent with that of the college . It started its programs and plans to boost the urgent educational needs dictated by the nature of (2002) scholastic year . The department actively helps promote education and science at all levels

The Child education department in the faculty of education at Isra University aspires to be a pioneer on the local , regional and international levels in preparing academic and education specialized cadres who help develop the educational and qualitative services given to Children Such a thing contributes to community services .

The Message of the department consists of three goals :
1- To prepare cadres of students who are professionally and educationally qualified to be teachers . It also prepares successful ,researchers, leaders, and administrators for graduate studies .
2- To prepare research projects, supervise them in order to contribute Scientific research in the kindergarten
3- To provide consultation and training services to government and national institutions , in addition to providing enlightenment and education programs which will make community members know how to deal with children at different stages .

1- Securing information and necessary experiences which enable the students understand the nature of the child and his development at several stages and to prepare them for teaching and supervising nurseries and kindergartens in government and national institutions
2- Training students on modern methods of teaching in this field and providing them with modern practical training which acquaints the children to the necessary basic concepts of education and behavior
3- Contributing to students’ understanding of the nature of kindergarten curricula ,basics of child's activities, and new experiences .
4- Conducting research and studies in childhood area that contribute o the development and modernization of teaching .
5- Training female kindergarten teacher to raise her professionalism through training courses which help her to be aware of the new in the kindergarten field .

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