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Monday, 09 November 2015 00:00

About department - Master kindergartens

An overview of Master’s Degree Program in kindergartens

     In this age where the calls of experts, researches, and educators increase regarding the need for disseminating knowledge among Arab youth, to enable them to advance in higher education in order to be productive and active in the development system. Since the university is an essential partner in planning and implementing successive plans in any society, Isra university continues to serve the various sectors of the local community and to meet the needs of its sons, through probing their problems. Hence, among the aspirations of the university was an M.A kindergarten program which prepare qualified specialists who are able of caring for and teaching individuals in order to become more understanding, more conscious of their problems, and more receptive for being distinguished from the various layers of the society.

The M.A degree program seeks to prepare the workers in the kindergarten field offering a comprehensive scientific program which employs educational and psychological theories and their concepts to serve one of the most vital layers of the civil society, the child, according to scientific and practical bases. The program aims at the following:

- Enhancing kindergarten in order to provide kindergarten teachers with information and specific knowledge.

- Preparing studies and finding solutions for the obstacles which might face administrative and educational development in kindergartens schools.

- Enabling students to benefit from outcomes of recent studies and researches in the field.

- Paving the way for doctoral programs to secure specialized higher education

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