Department of Civil Engineering


     Throughout its radiant scientific march extending almost for three decades, the Department of Civil Engineering at Isra University has always done its best to continuously contribute to science and knowledge drawing on distinguished, professional and long-experienced faculty in the academic and practical fields. Not only that, but they are prolific where they have their contributions published in renowned international journals.

    Ever since its establishment, the Department has been pioneer in adopting academic programs and quality university study plans in various fields of knowledge which comply with the required accreditation criteria. In our incessant attempts to obtain the (ABET), our programs have always meant to graduate engineers equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the essentials of civil engineering branches, in addition to enjoying leadership spirit and professional ethics to deal with challenges and difficulties encountered in their career. They are also equipped with the ability to integrate with the local, regional and international community. Needless to say that such academic program have been carried out with the use of the latest educational means and technologies supported by practice in the Department's labs which are provided with all needed equipment to carry out experiments. Hence, the Department started a M.Sc. program in Structural Engineering to be a new guiding light for our dear students and contribute to science and knowledge in the HKJ.

    The Department has also been keen to instill the theoretical scientific concepts in the student's academic study to meet the needs of the job market. This is done through field training, scientific trips where students visit construction sites. Additionally, the Department makes sure that all latest needed references, textbooks and refereed scientific journals are made available and are periodically updated.


To push the frontiers of technology in civil engineering, stimulate excellence in carrying out construction projects, and community service.

Program Objectives

1.    Assume progressive leadership in the fields of civil engineering and influential roles in the market, business, and the industry.
2.    Role model professionals in civil engineering through effective communication, team work, ethics, and proactive involvement.
3.    Distinguished professional civil engineers locally and internationally in the design and delivery of state of the art technologies, systems, services, or projects.
4.    Civil engineers globally contributing to cutting edge solutions through: research, critical thinking and innovation.