About Electronics & Communication Engineering

   The department’s primary role is the preparation of engineers from both majors through the implementation of academic programs required to obtain a bachelor's degree in the two majors through the education and training of students to make analysis, design, research and development.

   Also, the department make continues development of intellectual skills and the sense of geometric and keep abreast of scientific development in the both majors. These majors are of high importance in the public and private universities, and needed by the Jordanian labor market and the Arab and surrounding region.

    To achieve its objectives, the department adopts classified and accredited plans that agree with the special accreditation standards. These plans are implemented by modern teaching aids backed by practical applications in the department laboratories in addition to the field training.

    The department follows the latest references and books and provides the necessary scientific journals and periodicals.


Preparing communication and electronics engineers to be capable and competent in different scopes of industry, research and management by investing in capacity building and follow the latest related technologies and research outcomes.


1. Prepare well-qualified engineers who are able to use scientific and engineering principles to implement innovative solutions.
2. Graduating engineers with high abilities and skills that enable them to participate actively in scientific research in their areas of specialization.
3. Promote students' understanding of ethical responsibilities and community values.
4. Prepare graduates able to contribute effectively to scientific research.
5. Prepare graduates who are able to develop self-learning and are aware of the importance of engaging in continuous learning.