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Monday, 11 May 2015 00:00

Objectives of the Consultation Center

The center aims to achieve the objectives of Isra University in serving the Jordanian community in particular and the Arab community in general, this is achieved by:

- Utilizing the university’s capacities and capabilities, and its pragmatic and human resources in furthering development in Jordan and the Arab world.

- Providing consultations and scientific and technical studies to the institutions of the public and private sectors inside and outside Jordan, and overseeing the organization and management of these services and monitoring their implementation.

- Developing the expertise of faculty members and the administrative and technical staff at the university, and providing them with financial and moral incentives to contribute in serving the Jordanian and Arab communities.

- Organizing seminars, training courses and workshops, with the aim of developing the capacity and expertise and the academic and vocational qualifications of the participants. - Keeping up with the scientific, technical and consultational developments in all fields and providing them in an optimal manner.

- Utilizing the capacities, capabilities and creative local cadres in the implementation of programs and activities of the center.

- Controlling the quality of the training courses.

- Providing studies and consultations for the institutions of the public and private sectors, in addition to companies and individuals.

- Contributing in limiting the problems facing the national industries through studies and research, and providing the necessary consultation to develop these industries both in quality and quantity.

- Contributing in the development of human resources through courses, workshops, seminars, and educational programs and exams to qualify and develop the technical capabilities of workers in the public and private sectors. As well as developing the technical capacity of the staff of the university and the capacity of the university in providing services to the community, utilizing its capabilities, capacities and qualified academic and technical cadres, with a focus on holding specialized courses in order to keep university students and employees and the local community acquainted and able to deal aptly with recent developments and innovations.

- Holding specialized courses in the elite programs in technical qualification and management development.

- The Center also prepares the university's graduates to compete in the labor market by providing them with the necessary skills and support, offering them training opportunities and the necessary qualification, and familiarizing them with the labor market and its needs.

- The Center has concluded several agreements with local and international personalities inside and outside Jordan. It is run by a director and an administrative, technical and vocational staff with a high level of knowledge and expertise. The center sometimes uses faculty members from Isra University and other universities, and experts from various institutions to achieve its objectives.

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