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    Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Isra University of Jordan.

    Pharmacy is an essential part of the healthcare system that reaches into almost all aspects of medicine and healthcare with special emphasis on the manufacture, the supply, appropriate use and effects of medicines. Pharmacists represent the major component of continuing healthcare for the community.

    Bachelor degree of Pharmacy:

    Al-Isra Bachelor degree of Pharmacy focuses on the quality use of medicines in patient care incorporating diverse practice such as community or hospital pharmacy, dispensing, medication management and health counseling to equip graduates with skills for immediate employment. Students develop knowledge and skills in health promotion, learn treatment of minor ailments, and become fluent in communication and health information management. Al-Isra Bachelor of Pharmacy is well respected in the pharmacy profession, is recognized by the industry and is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Faculty of Pharmacy is located at Al-Isra campus. The campus offers excellent facilities. The University's campus is set on an area of three hundred thousand meter square, at Amman airport road, not far from the city of Amman. The Faculty is recognized as one of the leading centers for Pharmacy education in Jordan and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation for research and innovation. Innovative teaching, clinical and experiential placements and business skills programs provide our students with a well rounded and professionally relevant pharmacy degree, putting them in high demand with employers.

    Graduation requirements:

    The duration of Bachelor studies takes 5 years full-time on campus. To graduate, students must satisfactorily complete 160 credit hours. After graduation students are required to meet the registration standards set by the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Association JPA. These standards include undertaking 1,440 hours of supervised practice, completing an intern training program and passing examinations set by the Pharmacy Board of JPA of Jordan.

    Master of Pharmacy:

    The Master of Pharmacy is an innovative postgraduate entry program designed to fast track you into a rewarding and challenging career in the profession of pharmacy. As one of the leading centers for pharmacy education and research in Jordan, the Master of Pharmacy at Al-Isra University is a ranked above the best.

    Dr Rabe'a Al Rosan

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