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  • Deanship of Scientific Research and Higher Studies

    Message From The Dean

    The Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies was founded at the beginning of the academic year 1996/1997 This simultaneity is a testimony to the vital role of research and graduate studies in developing numerous academic aspects inside the University, and in enhancing the University's capability to fulfil its national and international commitments. More specifically, Research and Graduate Studies play significant roles in developing the society, expanding the academic staff's areas of knowledge and developing their learned abilities, raising the standards of the University education, contributing to human knowledge through leading to scientific discoveries and formulation of new theories. 

    One of the major objectives of establishing the Deanship is to organize research and graduate studies at the university. The Deanship is thus in charge of facilitating the development of academic research through formulation of regulations that met the National accreditation and support of scientific research in Jordan. Procedures, financial and technical support for academics willing to conduct research in different fields are well coming. It is also concerned with offering many academic programs at the graduate level that meet the needs and challenges of the area, whether in Jordan or abroad.
    To supervise research and graduate studies, the scientific council was formed in the Deanship with aim to be in contact with all academic staff at the university and to sole all issues that are related to them.
    The Deanship works constantly to foster co-operation with scientific and academic national and international institutions in the domains of research and exchange of publications and expertise.
    We look ahead towards further developing our services to meet all challenges of tomorrow with confidence and security in the knowledge that, it can continue to build upon the considerable success of previous endeavors. Meantime, while thanking you for visiting our website, we will be at your disposal to answer your queries.

    Prof. Dr Rami A. Maher

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