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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • About the Department of Mathematics


    Excel in learning and teaching basic sciences, in conducting research and in serving the community.


    Produce graduates who are academically capable and skilled in the basic sciences by providing stimulating scientific and research environment to keep up with the job market.


    • Provide students with knowledge in the various fields of mathematics
    • Develop the students logical thinking and enable them to build mathematical proofs
    • Give the students adequate skills in technology
    • Enable the students to use software to solve mathematical problems


    Prepare students who are able to:

    • Apply knowledge and acquired mathematical skills in their discipline, in related sciences and industry
    • Solve mathematical problems using modern technology
    • Analyze data using statistical methods
    • Express mathematical thoughts and logic in writing mathematical proofs
    • Apply modern educational methods
    • Apply research methodology and critical thinking in various mathematical fields
    • Work independently and within teams
    • Be accountable to own work and actions
    • Adhere to work ethics and moral standards
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