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Cultural and Public Relations

Message From The Director

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isra university جامعة الإسراء    

Isra University gives the culture and public relations unit top priority due to its vital role in depicting and reflecting the university image in serving the local community. Such unit is the ideal tool for creating relations between Isra University and the local community which in turn reflects positively on the university as a whole. Even since its establishment, this unit has played a vital role in shedding light on the excellent achievement of the university.

This, in turn, has helped in the process of polarization and presenting the proper image of this insulation. The unit was established in 1991.It aims to highlight the prominent scientific and academic position of the university and strengthen, relations with both local community as well as regional and international institutions. Special attention is paid to provide facilities and measures for holding forums, conferences, exhibitions and seminars held at the university either on its own or in collaboration with other bodies.

On the mass media level, the public Relations unit is keen to keep all those who are concerned informed of all sorts of significant functions held at Isra University. Such functions are covered by the Radio, TV, New Agencies and newspapers. Besides, some magazines and leaflets are published and circulated by this highly active unit.


Director of Unit    
Yousef Awwad Al Srour

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