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Engineering department

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 13:22

Message from the Director

Welcome on the website of the Engineering Department at Isra University.

Isra University has been keen since its inception to provide the best services to its students and workers. From this standpoint, the engineering department at the university was established to maintain the sustainability of the university’s infrastructure, including buildings, roads, and squares, and to preserve green spaces and the natural environment at the university, in addition to providing wire communication service between the various colleges and departments of the university and with the outside community.

The Engineering Department also provides technical maintenance services in the field of electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning and refrigeration works. There is also a special section in the engineering department concerned with public safety to maintain the safety of students, employees, and workers, as it provides all safety requirements in the university buildings, and it performs periodic maintenance of alarms and fire-fighting devices.

May God help us to serve our beloved university, our dear students, and all university employees.

God bless you all.



Head of Engineering Dept.

                   Dr. Walid Hasan      

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