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Monday, 06 April 2015 00:00

President’s Office

The correspondence of the university presidency was set up concurrently with the establishment of the University in 1991. The correspondence is responsible for carrying out the instructions directly of the University President.

This includes decrees, circulated notes, and delivering official letters and correspondence to their different destinations. This is achieved on the basis of regulations and quickness, since the registry office is considered a connecting link and the main supporting pillar of all deanships, faculties, and offices.

This office is involved in proceeding with external and internal correspondence. Seeking after modernization, development, elevation of the quality of administrative work, achievement of work quickly and properly, and offering the best services, the university turned the presidency registry into a computerized department in 2014, where the computer has been used in all the processes of the correspondence. 

Acting head of correspondence

Hanan Mohammad Ahmed   

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