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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • President’s Office


    Duties of the Head of the correspondence

    1- Supervision and organization.
    Supervision and organization of work process, dealing with shortages, and providing special needs of the presidency correspondence.

    2- Overseeing.
    - Vetting incoming mail, annotating, forwarding and making it ready, and sending it to the president to be signed in order to recirculate to relevant circles. This is to be done after getting the mail computerized.
    - Carrying out the annotations and instructions of the University President regarding letters and notes already sent to the president.
    - Forwarding and answering letters in case there is call for collecting answers by faculties or offices.
    - Giving answers to queries by senior administrators and checkers.
    - Receiving and orienting checkers properly and relevantly.

    3- Drafting (putting down in writing)
    - Drafting letters and decrees, preparing the correspondence of the president, and printing them out, whether these are requested by the president or sent to official circles.
    - Drawing up memorandums and reports to the administration concerning achievement or obstacles of work.
    - Drafting and overseeing daily work reports.

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