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    Faculty of Arts

    Message From the Dean



    Since its establishment in 1991, Isra University has always been keen to be an inspirational source and resource of knowledge. We strongly believe that the role the academic institutions should play is never confined to teaching or training. It is basically about impact, influence and inspiration.

    Therefore, the university in general and the Faculty of Arts in particular consider the involvement of teachers and students in curricular as well as extracurricular activities and events -on and off campus- as a mandatory component in the teaching-learning process. These non-stop activities include, but are not limited to, weekly and monthly seminars, workshops and lectures that are either delivered by in-house instructors or by expert lecturers from outside the university.

    With its four major departments; Arabic, English, Translation and Psychology, the Faculty of Arts is considered one of the most essential faculties and the actual hub of the university. The courses offered at the four departments are basically designed and applied in the light of the requirements of the university students in general and the faculty students in particular. These courses aim at creating knowledge awareness in the students in order to achieve our aspirations in instilling spiritual and literary values. The ultimate aim of the Faculty is to contribute to the learners' mental and psychological development and most importantly to the enlightenment of their minds.

    As we truly believe that teachers are often perceived as role models with a lasting impact, we are keen to have a group of highly qualified instructors and researchers holding degrees from reputable high ranking universities. I’d like to quote Henry Adams here that "a teacher affects eternity, s/he can never tell where his/her influence stops". In fact, being inspired or positively influenced by some mentor or role model in our life cannot but make us a source of inspiration and positive influence to others as well. It is a cycle of knowledge and a chain of experiences that we pass from one generation to another.

    Best of luck to our real asset; the students.


    Professor. Hashem Mnaa'



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