Word of the Dean - Law Faculty


Colleagues, professors, students and dear visitors to the faculty of law website in Al-Isra'a University.
It is my great pleasure to welcome you in our virtual window that enabled us to meet the world and establish connection and cooperation with different visitors, students, researchers and others who are interested in our faculty.

In the previous years, our faculty managed to occupy a privileged place among law schools in the Jordanian Universities where it is now one of the best and most influential Faculty in the country. The Curriculum was prepared to cope with the rapid developments in the field of law. It is noted that our academic programs are subject to periodical review, comprehensive modernization and upgrading to meet with challenging developments. Our aim to provide a diverse scientific material to stimulate the mind of the students, enhance their analytical skills and give them good practical experience.

Dear Visitors,
The Faculty provides excellent facilities to create a better studying environment. Our premises have excellent class rooms, moot court room to enhance the students practical experience. The Faculty also has rooms that dedicated to our masters' degree students in addition to our private libme0mz in the faculty location. Our main libme0mz on campus is constantly updated.

Dear Students,
The faculty Members and Administrative staff strive to provide the best environment for education. Therefore, I encourage you to develop your knowledge and make use of the new technology to improve your skills and knowledge. Always remember that law exists to regulate the society by protecting rights and establishing justice. I am sure you qualify for this responsibility.

I hope you will take the time to explore and discover the school through our Web Site.

Dr. Akram Al-Fayez