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Admissions & Registration



1.What is the academic calendar?

An academic calendar shows the dates of the academic activities in the university and the semester of study (the beginning and the end) and periods of draw and added and final exams dates. please check the academic calendar.

2.What is the university id?What does?

No.characterized the student from the rest of students and it shows the academic year and the semester which the student began to study it,in addition to the college number and specialization of admission,in addition to the serial number.

3.What is the academic year?

Is two semester regular (first and second) and separate optional (summer) and the period of regular semester be (16) weeks, and the period of the summer semester be (8) weeks.

4.What is the credit hour?

It is the weight of subject,if the subject is (3) hours this means that student must attend alecture (3) hours per week throughout the regular semester.

5.What is the study plan?

Is the subject that the student must be studied to complete the requirements for obtaining auniversity degree and it consists of university requirments compulsory and optional,and college requirements compulsory and optional and free subject.

6.What is the level exams?(for students of bachelor).

On each new student to provide the level of three exams during the first semester of joining the university in following subject:(arabic,english and computer skills) that to determine theirs level in these subjects.

in case of success its relieved of remedial subjects, in case of failure they must be ragestration the remedial subjects the weight of each of them (3) hours and the hours of this subjects dont account in the study plan.

7.What is the remedial subject?(for master students)

The subjects are required from the student who as acceptable in the master program who has bachelor degree in unmachable of the master by (9) hours from bachelor plan and dont count in the cumulative average for the student, and the student should successful in these subjects,no later than the end of the first acsdemic year of joining the program.

If astudent who has bachelor degree in unmachable  of the master and his grading was pass in the bachelor degree he should study (3) subjects from the plan of master program in the first semester determined by the department intended enrollment and pass the (3) subject successfully in (70%) mark at least and in cumulative average not less than (75%), then he becomes regular student and it counted this subject whithin his plan.

And if he didnt fullfill this condition full he canceled his admission to the university.

8.What is the electronic services?

Is the collection of services offered by the university so as to allow students to perfotm many of the procedure electronically, including electronic registration, in addition to access to the academy and their financial statments (marks and sanctions........etc).

9.How to recording the school schedule?

Through elwctronic registration services available in the university website: ( students enter the university number in addition to their own password, students who cant be recorded throut electronic regestration becouse of the low cumulative average they should review the department of admission and regestration.

10.Who is the academic adviser?

He is amember of the faculty assigned to instruct the student to complete his plan and determine the subjects which the students should study it and follow it until graduation and helping students who are defaulters academically in the selection of the best ways to raise their average to avoid separation of specialization.

11.What is the academic load for students?

(students of bachelor program) the upper limit of the study load is (18) hours for regular semester ,and its allow to rais the upper limit to (22) hours if the student expected graduation of the same semester, or in the next semester directly or if the cumulative average or semester average for the student (80%), the minimum study load s (12) hours in the regular semester,and in the summer semester the upper limit of the study load is (10) hours and ils allow to study (12) hours if the student expected graduation of the summer semester or in the next semester directly.(students of master program) the upper limit of the study load is (12) hours in the regular semester the minimum study load is (6) hours in regular semester,and the thesis calculates whithen hours of academic load.

12.What is the pre-requiste?

The subject is required from the students success before their studies next subject.

13.What happens when absence from the final exam?

Total score which you got from the signs before the final exam,in the case provides an excuse acceptable to the dean of the college duringthree days of the exam date,and it record you sign incomplete and you can progress to the final exam again amaximum of the end of third week of the semester which immediately followed by.

14.What is the system of grade at the university?

(The students of bachelor program) university based brands in  appreciation percentile system (percentage),it is the number system (35-100) to evaluate the students less a sign of success subject is (50%).

(The students of master program)university based brands in appreciation percentile system (percentage) it is the number system(50-100) to evaluate the students less a sidn of success subject is (70%).

15.What is the semester grand average?the way of calculated?

Is the average of signs of subjects success and failure and calculated manner: total multiplication sign subject by the number of hours division the total hours recorded.

16.What is the calculative average?the way of calculated?

Is the signs of alla subjects studied cuccess and failure except the retarned hours calculated the same way as the semester average calculation except the retarned hours calculated once in total hous calculated the highest mark obtained by the student in this subject considered the calculative average of (60%) is the minimum to graduation for bachelor students and (75%) is the minimum to graduation for master students.

17.Is it possible to be fired from specialization?

(students of bachelor program) if the low cuculative grade average after the first semester of university enrollment,the student is given the first warning,is subject to the provisions of subject (18)of the instructions to grant bachelor degree for the academic warning (please review the department of admission and registration).

(students of master program)if the low cumulstive grade average in two consective semester except of the first semester or if the student fails in acompulsory subject three times,or if he wasnt able to complete amaster degree successfully withen the time period permitted according to the instructions,or if he fails in the comprehensive exam twice.

18.Is it possible to study some of the subjects in another university?

 students of bachelor program its allow to bachelor students to study no more than (18) hours in another recognized university acording to the conditions mentioned in article (26)of instructions  to bachelor degree.

19.Is it permissible to postponement the study at the university?

(Students of bachelor program)its allow to bachelor to postpone the study no more than (6) semester whether its connected or separate it doesnt allow for new students and transferred to the university to postpone consideration unti after end of the semester on joining the university.

(student of master program) its allow for students to postpone the study at university no more than (2) semester whether its connected or separate it doesnt allow for new students and transferred to the university to postpone consideration until after end of the semester on joining the university.

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