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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Deanship of Scientific Research and Higher Studies

    Master's Programs

    1. MSc in Software Engineering
    2. MSc in kindergarten
    3. MSc in Project Management Engineering
    4. MSc in Structural Engineering
    5. MSc in Law
    6. MSc in Pharmacy
    7. MSc in Accounting
    8. MSc in Business Administration (MBA)
    9. MSc in Chronic Care Nursing
    10. MSc in Arabic Language
    11. MSc in English Language

    Conditions of Admission

    • The applicant must have a Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent from a recognized University or scientific institute with a good grade at least.
    • The student must be registered for a full time load.
    • The University of Graduate Student must be recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan.
    • The student must pass the TOEFL exam or what is equivalent to it by the instructions of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan.

    Required Documents

    • A certified copy of the Bachelor Degree and marks sheet copy.
    • A certified copy of Tawjihi marks sheet.
    • A certified copy of the identity of the civil status for Jordanian students, and a copy of the passport for international students.
    • 3 personal photos.
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