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دائرة القبول و التسجيل
Admission & Registration

Thursday, 19 January 2017 00:00

Admission & Registration

the Department of Admission and Registration is the department through which students wishing to join the university are registered and provided with the basis of acceptance and registration instructions which is the first door entered by the students in the university and the last door from which the holder of the degree that deserves, the admissions and registration department performs the following tasks listed below:

  1. Receiving new students and accepting them according to the accepted admission rules issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research (bachelor-master).
  2.  Answer inquiries by (telephone,fax,e-mail).
  3. Check the files of new students and enter their data by computer.
  4. Providing faculties with external equations for new students.
  5. Follow-up academic movements of students (delay, interruption, withdrawal, conversion...etc.
  6. Follow-up of the implementation of agreements for university service offices.
  7. Preparing students admission statistics.
  8. Follow-up and apply the regulations and instructions for the granting of bachelors` and masters`degree.
  9. Preparation of the university calendar, schedules, final exam schedules,and the control and distribution of classrooms.
  10. Organize and implement the registration process for the courses and drag drop processes.
  11. Receiving the results of the final examinations and checking them.
  12. Announcing the results of the examinations and calculating the quarterly and cumulative rates.
  13. Follow-up and implementation of study plans for all students specialties.
  14. Preparing the lists of outstanding academic students,separated.
  15. Preparing the lists of the students are expected to graduate at the end of each semester.
  16. Preparing student registration statistics.
  17. Follow all kinds of documents(schedules, marks certificates).
  18. Provide the webmaster of the website with all the issues related to the department and work to data them.
  19. sub-numbers are communicated with:
  • 2284-admissions affairs.
  • 2640-registration affairs.
  • 2672-authentication affairs.
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