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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • President's Statement

    isra university جامعة الإسراء

    Isra University (IU) began with five faculties and received its first batch of students at the beginning of the academic year 1991/1992. It was licensed by the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (357) in 1989. Since then, the University has expanded its infrastructure to meet all the requirements that ensure the needed environment for the education process. The expansion of infrastructure is followed by new programs. Now the university comprised of ten faculties, with 28 undergraduate programs and 11 master's programs.
    Since its establishment, the University has sought to be an active partner in the national efforts to improve the quality of university education and to provide a university environment that promotes students' freedom in learning and creativity. IU aims to attract qualified students from Jordan, Arab and foreign countries. Within this perspective, it constantly seeks to achieve the basic tasks of the university, which are education, scientific research, and social contribution.
    As the university is about to complete its third decade since establishment, it faces the challenge of keeping pace with the rapid developments taking place in our world. So, the competition became high which force us to work hard in order to improve our performance. As a result, the university is able to provide the job market with competent graduates. As well as, we must spread the culture of quality assurance to be the reference of our daily work in all areas. That will make us proud to develop the educational process to reach the outputs of efficient and high qualified graduates.
    In order to cultivate students with inventive capabilities, all academic and administrative staff members must be committed to pursuing research and inspiring initiatives in the service of society to attract attention. I’ll do my best to work hard to achieve all our goals.

    University President
    Prof. Ahmad Nuseirat

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