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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء

  • Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences


    Clinical Training = 4+8 credit hours

    Per curriculum plan, students in Physical Therapy program (PTP) should have clinical training in Physical Therapy unit at a hospital or PTP centers. Full time for 5 days per week, for 16 weeks under close supervision of clinical instructors (Senior Therapist) and prompt follow up by faculty members.

    Training period should be as follow:

    Clinical Area



    4 weeks


    4 weeks

    Surgical and Burn

    2 weeks


    2 weeks

    Cardio Pulmonary

    2 weeks

    Free choice (student allowed to choose the training place)

    1 week

    Clinical evaluation

    Evaluation is divided into:

    1- 60% is graded by the clinical instructors of the clinical areas. A special evaluation form is completely and sent to the university.

    2- 40% graded by the PT (Faculty members).

    Students must  accumulate 70% or higher of overall evaluations to pass the clinical training.

    Clinical training committee should approve the results.

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