About - Renewable Energy Engineering

The Renewable Energy Engineering Department was established in September 2016 to meet the market demands for qualified engineers both locally and regionally. The department offers Bachelor degree of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering. Our efforts are focused on providing students with the necessary knowledge and experience that enable them to compete in the labor markets of the 21st century. The department aims to provide the local and regional labor market with bachelor's degree graduates in order to serve their communities by working in private corporations or local governments. The department has qualified and experienced full-time faculty members consisting of one professor, one associate professors, and two assistant professors.

The curriculum of this program has been designed to provide a strong background in Renewable Energy Engineering in general as well as to focus on both Photovoltaic and wind energy. The students therefore take several specialized courses in Renewable energy systems such as Photovoltaic Energy Systems, Solar Thermal Energy Systems, Wind Energy Systems, Energy production technology and Design of Renewable Energy Systems that strengthen their knowledge in the field and prepare them to excel by graduation time. The department has also several specialized laboratories that are well equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies where students acquire both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

The curriculum is based on 160 credits semester hours. Students usually graduate in five years or less. The program accepts students who succeed in their Jordanian General Secondary Exam/Science Stream, or equivalent, with an average of at least 80%.