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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Research in progress

    Dr. Ala' S. Aburub

    - Identify what matters to people with multiple sclerosis.
    - The psychometric properties of the patient generated index in people with Parkinson disease.
    - The circumstances of falls among community dwelling older adult diagnosed with heart disease and the factors associated with falling using the International Mobility in Aging Study (IMIAS) data.
    - The associated factors with Fear of falling in community-dwelling older adults diagnosed with heart disease using a data from the International Mobility in Aging Study (IMIAS).

    Faculty Staff Collaboration

    - Evidence-based physiotherapy practice in Jordan: Knowledge, attitude, adherence, and teaching. Cross-sectional surveys. [Research Project]
    - Transcranial direct current stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease. Where are we now?. Scoping Review [Research Project]

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