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Faculty of Educational Sciences

Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00

Sources and Links

Believing in the importance of various teaching aids in improving the quality of education, the faculty provides a workshop for the student made instructional aids. It also provides all the facilities for students to encourage them to produce distinguished aids.

The duties of the supervisor of teaching aids workshop:
1- Furnishing the required equipment and aids for the instructional process.
2- Providing the advice, help, and training for the university faculty members in the field of using teaching equipment and modern technology.
3- Providing an area to be used by the practical education students as well as the students of designing and producing teaching aids to produce teaching aids.
4- Providing the necessary equipment for students' use.

The Educational Technology Sources Center:
The faculty of educational sciences has a modern center for teaching technologies. This center contains a variety of technologies that contribute to improving education, such as the internet, computers, display machinery, as well as diverse technologies restricted to instruction.

The duties of the supervisor of education technologies sources center encompass the following:
1-cooperating with the university departments and providing the machinery, materials, and the instructional programs that help faculty members with teaching effectively.
2-producing and developing the instructional materials and programs according to the instructional process requirements and by working with the instructors of different subjects at the university .
3-Keeping up with the modern technological advancement by applying the teaching methods, such as the individual learning methodology, self-learning as well as providing additional and alterative sources that are in agreement with the needs of slow learners.
4-Providing instructional materials such as transparencies, slides, maps, pictures and instructional software, and facilitating their use by university faculty members and students.
5-Providing the different instructional technologies manufacturing materials and introducing their production.
6- Participating in the university activities by holding specialized fairs.
7-Holding the periodical maintenance and check- ups of the center's paraphernalia and various instructional materials .
8-Holding meetings and training courses for faculty members to instruct them on how to use equipment and instructional programs. Training courses are also held for those interested in using instructional technologies from different educational institutions .
9-Doing the studies and research papers dealing with developing methods of instruction and using instructional technologies according to the latest scientific methods, issuing scientific reviews and providing faculty members with them from time to time .
10-Holding specialized courses for faculty members to develop their skills.
11-Employing e-teaching in the instructional process.
12-Activating the Practical Education Program through the short- term instruction and providing the syllabi students need and the required instructional aids for students by training them at schools.

The Libme0mz:

The Faculty of Education is marked by its special libme0mz existing in the university libme0mz that enables students to make use of the books on education and the foreign and Arab periodicals specialized in the educational sciences. The faculty administration exhibits a continuous and increasing attention to this libme0mz to enlarge it and provide it with the latest references.


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