Message From the Dean


My sons and daughters students, I welcome you. To achieve your scientific directions, I promise you to do the best through my authority, responsibility, and power to identify all of the obstacles and constraints you face and try to manipulate them, facilitate things to achieve your scientific path. Student affairs deanship is opened to every one of you to communicate, interact, and to provide creative and innovative ideas for the purpose of student's activities and services development in Isra university. Our ambitions and objectives in the deanship are great and numerous, and all of them are in the student's interest.

As the first pillar in the educational and learning foundation and the process, the student affairs deanship philosophy in the Isra university concentrates on the university student interest and based on the university's educational, scientific and academic mission strategy.

Under the guidance of the university president "we harnessing efforts to develop the educational process and improve the performance and attention to the university students in all aspects related to our students: psychological, social, intellectual and physical, and everything belongs to their affairs of the educational process and provide the appropriate service in an efficient and effective, making the student interest our objective first and supreme, and stand the services provided to students within the university walls but beyond that to prepare them to enter the labor market by improving the quality of graduates and to respond to the labor market variables, in tune with the expectations that take place on the ground."

In conclusion, we ask god almighty to help us all achieve the goals we seek. We also ask him to give thanks to everyone for his generosity, and he will reward them for what their souls aspire to.