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عمادة شؤون الطلبة
Deanship of Student Affairs

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 00:00


-The affairs care about following up the student's issues and assist in solving their social, psychological and physical problems.

-Welcoming new students and guide them to the university facilities and familiarize them with the programs and academic departments in cooperation with the department of admissions and registration, military affairs and security services.

-Issuing the student card in cooperation with the department of admission and registration.

-Organize the student information record in its own file.

-Contribute to care about the student's behavior through programs aimed at developing the spirit of responsibility and belonging and creating the right atmosphere by stimulating participation in various activities.

-Organizing demand committees, culture, artistic, social, and sports clubs. To prepare and implement programs aimed at these levels and celebrating national events

-Supervising the gym and organizing the exercises under the supervision and responsibility of the trainers concerned

-Taking care of the talents and innovations of students and participate in the selection of promising leaders and work to improve their role according to the instructions contained in the approved regulations for this purpose.

-Encouraging the written creations of students, organizing exhibitions and student announcements, and following up on the implementation of the specializations for this purpose.

-Organize students' social and recreational trips and comply with the instructions.

-Organizing student meetings with the university president and concerned officials.

-Organizing camps, summer camps and training for students of Jordanian and friendly universities and youth institutions in cooperation with the university's specialized authorities.

-Provide educational and psychological guidance for students through social and psychological counselors in cooperation with the Measurement and Guidance Center and the University Clinic

-Organizing and monitoring student records.

-Follow-up and care of the affairs of students from all nationalities and issuing annual residence permits to them through the Ministry of Interior.

-Organizing graduation ceremonies at the end of each semester.

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