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  • Admissions & Registration

    Vision & Mission


    Quality and excellence in providing the best services related to the Department of Admission and Registration for university students according to the latest methods and technical systems.


    Organizing and modernizing procedures for students' admission and registration, and investing all the possibilities of the department to provide the services related to them in full.


    1. Loyalty and belonging to the department.

    2. Teamwork.

    3. Continuous update.


    1. Computerization of all activities and activities of the Department.

    2. Strengthen students' use of the web for the purpose of recording and accessing the academic records of students and activating academic guidance.

    3. tStrengthen use of departments, colleges and faculty members of the electronic network to view the academic records of students and activate academic guidance.

    4. Continuing follow-up to prepare the enrolled students according to the absorptive capacity.

    5. Making efforts to educate students about the University's regulations and teaching and study instructions.

    6. Documenting student academic records and updating them electronically.

    7. Improve the work method by benefiting from the feedback from students and colleges and achieve work with high quality and accuracy.

    8. To ease the difficulties faced by students during their studies within the limits of the powers of the Department and its terms of reference.

    9. To provide the best care for the international students by introducing them to the university's systems and provide advice and guidance to them.

    10. Raising the efficiency of employees in the department.

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