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دائرة القبول و التسجيل
Admission & Registration

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 00:00

Vision & Mission


Pioneering in presenting top technological and academic services to students, parents, and faculties of the university.


Adherence to help students and faculties efficiently and with perfection, adopting modern technology to build communication bridges between students, their parents and the university faculties.



1- Providing the utmost comfort and facility for students to complete their applications. 2- Speeding up service procedures to secure efficiency and maximum student satisfaction. 3- Treating students with justice and transparency to confirm the principle of equality among them. 4- Increasing students' awareness of instructions about their academic careers. 5- Strengthening of the concept of mutual respect between students and the department's officials. 6- Finding an effective method of serving students by using modern technology. 7- Keeping effective and continuous contact with the faculties to facilitate their work and to achieve students' interests. 8- Building of communication channels with student's parents to ensure full monitoring of their children's activities. 9- Raising the efficiency of the department's officials which will positively reflect on the service of students

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