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Faculty of Law

Sunday, 19 January 2020 09:20

Vision & Mission


Excellence and leadership nationally and regionally in law education and scientific research.


Preparing distinguished students scientifically and practically, armed with the legal skills required for the labor market and serving their societies.


(1) Graduating students who are distinguished in all fields of law.
(2) The ability to use legal information in theoretical and piratical aspects
(3) Encouraging research activities of faculty members and students.
(4) Establishing professional ethics.
(5) Promote the rule of law.
(6) Work to serve the community.
(7) Holding conferences, seminars, and specialized teaching programs in law.


Expected Outcomes

  1. Knowing the basic principles of the law and the latest amendments.
  2. Interpret, analyze, and evaluate legal texts, regulations, instructions, and court decisions to provide appropriate solutions.
  3. Application of legal texts in practical situations.
  4. Preparing notes, pleadings, research, and legal reports.
  5. The introduction of modern innovative methods in the field of legal education.
  6. Commitment to the basic ethical rules for practicing the legal profession, adherence to the values ​​of justice, and the provision of legal aid.
  7. Communicating effectively with others and listening well and respecting the opinion of others.
  8. Carrying out the legal tasks assigned to the student effectively with time management skills.
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