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Projects funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Project Title: Introducing Recent Electrical Engineering Developments into undergraduate curriculum
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The main objective of the IREEDER project is to improve the capacities of high quality education in Jordan, using state of art technology and training staff on improving the quality of the courses taught by making best use of these technologies. Specifically, IREEDER aims at introducing the recent developments in Electrical Engineering to the undergraduate curricula, where three subjects in renewable energy, Internet of things and Cyber security will be developed. Also, three laboratories for training the students in the selected topics will be established in three different Jordanian partners. The reason behind this project is mainly to enhance the quality if the graduated engineers by providing the basic knowledge and the necessary skills to enter the labor market in Jordan. The three selected subjects have been chosen based on a need analysis of the Jordanian market. IREEDER includes five Jordanian partners and five European partners, who have the willing and the ability to accomplish this cooperative project by exchanging the experience towards achieving the project aims
Aims and Scope
AL-Hussein Bin Talal University (JO, Coordinator), Isra University (JO), MUTAH UNIVERSITY (JO), Philadelphia University (JO), Tafila Technical University (JO), Instituto De Telecomunicacoes (PT), Panepistiomio Patron (GR), UCLAN Cyprus (CY), Universidad de Vigo (ES), Universita Degli Studi di Trento (IT)
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Project Title: Developing a MultidiscipliNary Diploma on Art Therapy in Health Education
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The Main objective of Healing Project is to develop a multidisciplinary diploma in Art therapy in Health Education as well as to Establish Art Therapy Centre in each partner university. HEALING project will be designed and implemented across (8) Universities in Tunisia, Jordan and, coordinated by the University of Jordan. The main objective of the project is to represent and encourage the development of the Arts Therapies and Arts Therapies education in partner countries, in particular, to design professional educational program (e-learning package) that will enable all staff and students working with patients with long term conditions to offer their patients arts-based therapeutic activities. The consortium will collaborate to create materials for the eLearning package of vocational training for staff and students in how to use the arts as a therapeutic tool. This new learning package will enable staff from a variety of professional backgrounds to include the arts as part of their therapeutic work. (The Arts Therapies include art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy and music therapy). Art Therapy Diploma with (24) new courses will be designed and implemented. according to Bologna process for undergraduate & graduate students, accredited and adapted into the involved departments, which equals to 120 ECTS) There is a lack of awareness of the real value of arts therapy. Considering the lack of institutes, therapists and use, this comes as no surprise. Again, pressure on health providers, lack of resources, low numbers of professionals, large numbers of patients, the range of needs and access to health centers sometimes drives health providers to cover basic medical services and disregard treatments that are underdeveloped in their countries as luxuries. From here comes the need for this Arts Therapy Center. Where it will raise awareness of the role of arts therapy, raise the number of professionals in this field and provide therapeutic services.
Aims and Scope
University of Jordan (JO, Coordinator), Hashemite University (JO), Irbid National University (JO), Isra University (JO), Jordan University of Science and Technology (JO), Sfax University (TN), Universite de Gabes (TN), University of Sousse (TN), Ethniko kai Kapodestriako Panepistimio Athinon (GR), Instituto Politecnico do Porto (PT), Sveuciliste Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku (HR), UC Limburg (BE), Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (PT), Universita Degli Studi di Roma la Sapienza (IT)
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