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April 7-8 th


Organization Committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Ayman Nsour (Conference General Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Bassam Malkawi (Conference Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Mohammad Zakariya Siam (Conference Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Abbas Ali, Isra University.
  • Prof. Dr. Musbah Aqel (University of Applied Science/ Jordan)
  • Prof. Dr. Salih Al-Qarawi (University of Technology/ Iraq)
  • Dr. Karim Aljebory, Isra University.
  • Dr. Sofyan Hayajneh, Isra University.
  • Dr. Ashraf Samarah, Isra University.
  • Eng. Yaser Sami

Technical Program Committee (TPC):

  • Program chair
    Prof. Dr. Ali A. Ali, Isra University.
  • Program Co-chair
    Dr. Sofyan M. Hayajneh, Isra University.
  • TPC Members:
    • Dr. Abdulfatah M. Mostafa, Assiut University, Egypt.
    • Dr. Adel H. Ahmed, UOT, Iraq.
    • Dr. Akram F. Batti, Cranfield University, UK.
    • Dr. Ashraf Samarah, Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Ashty M Aaref, Technical College of Kirkuk, Iraq.
    • Dr. Asso R. Majeed, Sulaimania Universiy, Iraq
    • Dr. Ayad H. Abdulkader, Mousil University, Iraq.
    • Dr. Ayman Al-Khasraji, University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, France
    • Dr. Emad A. Alsurraj, UOT, Iraq.
    • Dr. Fayez AlHamoy , Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Karim Aljebory, Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Khalil H. Sayidmarie, Mousil University, Iraq.
    • Dr. Mazin Khalil, Technical College Mousil, Iraq
    • Dr. Mohamed H. Amin, Assiut University, Egypt.
    • Dr. Mohammad Zakariya Siam, Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Musbah Aqel, University of Applied Science, Jordan
    • Dr. Nooruldin N. Qader, UOS, Iraq.
    • Dr. Qutaiba I. Ali, Mousil University, Iraq
    • Dr. Raad S. Fyath, Al-Nahrane University, Iraq.
    • Dr. Rami A. Maher, Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Saber Abd-Rabbo, Banha University, Egypt.
    • Dr. Salih Al-Qarawi, University of Technology, Iraq
    • Dr. Thair S. Ali, Technical College of Mousil, Iraq
    • Dr. Walid Emar, Isra University Jordan.
    • Dr. Zayed Ali Huneiti, Isra University Jordan.