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April 7-8 th

About Isra University

Definition and Foundation:

Al-Isra University is a private institution of University education in Jordan. it is owned and funded by Al-Isra University Company. It has been licensed according to the decree of higher education council numbered 357 and dated 18/8/1989. The first academic year of bachelor's program was October, 1991. Al-Isra University (IPU).lies on Queen Alyaa International Airport Road highway. Its faculty buildings are constructed in a lot of land measured 300.00 sqms.

University Degrees:

Al-Isra University awards bachelor's degree in twenty two specialized fields and awards master's degree in Law and Pharmacology. The university faculties are eight in number, which are authorized by the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific research and are accredited publicly and privately by the Board of Higher Education Institutions Accreditation. The university was rewarded many accredit certificates from international and national institutions. IPU is a number of Arab University Union, Private Higher Education Institutions League and the like.

Study Programs:

Two study programs are available at IPU. The first one is the Bachelor's program and the other is the Master's program in the fields of Law and Pharmacology. To obtain a B.A degree a student of humanitarian and scientific branches should cover 132 study hours successfully, and should score an accumulative average not less than 60% in a giving period ranging from 3 years to 7 years. On the other hand, a student of the Master degree should cover 33 credit hours successfully in all courses.

Study System:

Al-Isra University adopts the credit hour system in teaching different courses. Attending lectures and covering practical hours on the part of students is obligatory and students should never miss more than 15% out of total hour per course.

Isra University