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Project Name: Developing a Multidisciplinary Diploma on Art Therapy in Health Education / HEALING.

Project number: 610134-1-2019-1-JO-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.

Aim: The main objective of the project is to represent and encourage the development of Arts Therapy education in partner countries, in particular, to design professional educational program (e-learning package) that will enable all staff and students working with patients with long term conditions to offer their patients art-based therapeutic activities. The consortium will collaborate to create materials for the eLearning package of vocational training for staff and students in how to use the arts as a therapeutic tool. This new learning package will enable staff from a variety of professional backgrounds to include the arts as part of their therapeutic work. The Arts Therapies include paint therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy and music therapy. European countries will share their experiences and knowledge of how the arts can be used in different cultural and medical settings through conducting training workshops.

Objectives and wider objective: The Main objective of Healing Project is to develop a multidisciplinary diploma in Art therapy in Health Education as well as to Establish Art Therapy Centre in each partner university.

Specific objectives: 
  • Improve the integration of refugees with psychological or emotional problems through development of Arts Therapies resources as a way to deal with trauma. 
  • Develop innovative approaches to strengthen the training paths of Arts Therapists equipping them with all competences and skills needed to deliver high quality therapy. 
  • Strengthen cooperation and exchange of best practice between PCs and European organizations in the development of co-produced training packages and new approaches to the integration of refugees and students with special needs. 
  • Engaging Medical health centers and centers supporting Disabled people in designing training packages thereby, challenging stigma and increasing awareness on how to face their challenges through Arts Therapies 
  • Creating a Network of Arts Therapists and Community Support professionals. 
  • Promote co-production and collaboration to develop training modules and a "toolbox" for Creative arts therapists and their supervisors. These resources will also be accessible to therapists and other health professionals in the region. 
  • Establishing Art Therapy Centre, providing practical training for students and staff 
  • Develop Art Therapy Diploma with (8) new courses will be designed and implemented according to Bologna process for undergraduate & graduate students, accredited and adapted into the involved departments, which equals to 40 ECTS 
  • Design of e- courses and training materials deals with Art Therapy for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
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