HEALING Work Packages

Development of the Art Therapy Centre to support the new curriculum

Leader :
Technological Institutes of Porto
Co-Leaders :
University of Sousse & The University of Jordan
About Work Package:
Arts Therapy Center. Where it will raise awareness of the role of arts therapy, raise the number of professionals in this field and provide therapeutic services.
The center will work on two tracks: 
  1. Offering a Professional Diploma in Arts Therapy. 
  2. Providing clinical therapeutic services to all the different populations who are in need of support. -Offering a Professional Diploma in Arts Therapy This will provide the health sector with trained therapists who will be an addition to the sector as a whole and encourage established institutes to reconsider arts therapy as part of its therapeutic programs. The increase of interest will lead to an increase of investment in the field and improve services provided and the increase in demand will provide more work opportunities for individuals. The center will be the first of its kind in Jordan making it a leader of development in the arts and health sectors alike.
Tasks :
Task 4.1: Final List of Equipment 
Task 4.2: Purchase, installation of equipment and Lab operation.

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