HEALING Work Packages

Dissemination & Exploitation

Leader :
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Co-Leaders :
Irbid National University & University of Sfax
About Work Package:
All partners will be involved in dissemination activities. The project will use different ways to disseminate and publicize project activities and results to different target groups and stakeholders, especially to target group of early education experts and policy makers. As an initial dissemination source an interactive project website (allowing to subscribe and receive notifications and news, download and upload information) will be created and maintained to provide thorough information to general public on all aspects of the project. It will be periodically updated as new events and results become available. Next, the e-learning platform will be created informing academic community on its mission and vision, offered services, OER repository as well as functionalities and utilization.
Tasks :
Task 6.1: Dissemination Committee and Dissemination plan 
Task 6.2: Project Website 
Task 6.3: Dissemination Material 
Task 6.4: E-Learning platform 
Task 6.5: Final Conference

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