Director's Word

The Teaching Staff Performance Development Center (TSPDC) at Isra University strives to strengthen professional development through setting up training workshops to improve the level of performance for the teaching staff, as an uplift for the educational outcomes, and in the realisation of the university's vision and mission. The center also aims at establishing the comprehensive development concept as a basis for the faculties, departments, and educational programs through performance re-assessment, reconsidering the needed procedures for performance improvement, and developing systematic work through active communication. The center is also considered a reliable source for offering distinguished services offered to the teaching staff at Isra University to achieve the requisites of continuous development of their performance.

The TSPDC has established an integrated system for the development of the teaching staff in the fields of teaching, evaluation, research, and guidance to meet the ongoing challenges.

The tasks of the TSPDC include controlling the educational process and developing it, determining and following up the necessary development procedures for the teaching staff, continuous development of the educational outcomes and measuring their effectiveness; ensuring implementation of the procedures, their review and auditing; and following up their modifications; transfer of experiences and knowledge through setting up workshops on new methods of education and laying the foundations for updating the educational programs.

The TSPDC also aims at excellence and pioneering in the performance of the teaching staff. The vision and mission of the TSPDC are derived from the university’s vision and mission to establish the culture of improvement for the advancement of the university and to

effectively contribute to building a culture of creative educational competitiveness.


Director of The Teaching Staff Performance

          Development Center (TSPDC)

             Dr. Moham'd Al-Dlalah