When in the library, take the following into consideration:

1. The library welcomes you daily from 8 A.m - 4 P.m

2. Never use mobile in the library.

3. Smoking is forbidden.

4. You should keep quiet.

5. Foods and beverages are not allowed.

6. Never change Seats as that might disturb others.

7. The librarian is at your service, never hesitate to ask for help.

8.  No tampering with books on shelves.

9. Library equipment should be only used for what they are set for.

10. Check-out rules are binding, especially regarding loan duration and late reprisals.

11. Keep the library clean.

12. Never try to illegally sneak out with any of library holdings as that might expose you to questioning.

13. The library provides printing and Xeroxing facilities for students for five piaster's per page.

14. Present your student I.D when you want the check books out.

15. Try to make use the electronic indexing the library provides as that is the key to access to books on shelves.

16. Never jot down anything on the library holdings to keep them sound and safe.